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How to convert carbon dioxide into green energy?


The world's first ecological oil is made using profitable industrial processes

By capturing carbon dioxide, a revolutionary system accelerates the process of creating and fossilizing biomass from a million years that it originally took to a few days


BFS Blue Petroleum, a powerful energy source ally to the environment

With a calorific value of 9,700 kcal/kg, it neutralizes 938 kg of CO2 per barrel


20 million Blue Petroleum BFS barrels per day would reduce 20% of CO2 emissions.

Accelerated cycle for conversion of CO2 into energy products.

C3 = CO2 flecha Capture and conversion flecha Fuel

Bio Fuel Systems has developed a process based on the capture and accelerated conversion of CO2 using features such as solar energy, photosynthesis and electromagnetic fields. The process of controlled synthesis enables us to obtain an artificial fuel similar to fossil fuel without sulphur or heavy metals and it reduces CO2.

The first clean petrol in the world

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