Converting CO2 into oil?

Bernard bluepetroleum bfs
Bernard A.J. Stroïazzo-Mougin, graduated in Thermodynamics & Fluids Mechanics.
Inventor of the Third
CO2 Cycle and Energy Conversion

My first idea came to me early in the beginning of this century when Al Gore called the world"s attention to the excesses of the CO2 emissions and their impact on global warming and the environment.

The idea was: “if this Carbon Dioxide resulted of the combustion of hydrocarbons formed millions of years ago from organic matter, then we had to find the system to recover the Carbon atoms from this anthropogenic CO2 and accelerate their conversion in carbon again”.

However, the main difficulty was then the following: forming natural fossil oil took millions of years, hence the second part of the idea - finding a way to accelerate the formation process.

To accelerate a natural transformation process that has taken place millions of years ago is not easy but to materialize this idea I was fortunate to have worked with a talented team of scientists, engineers and technicians in order to achieve this spectacular technology, bringing into the market a new artificial crude oil and carbonated sub-products like, proteins, lipids etc… all of them REDUCERS of CO2.



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