Technology applied to the first world unit of accelerated conversion of CO2 into fuel

photobioreactors bfs
Bluepetroleum one BFS

BFS has developed an industrial process capable of solving two fundamental problems in our current system of life. On the one hand, neutralizing the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, transforming the international discussion about the problem of pollutant emissions into a solution to the second major problem - the need for an inexhaustible energy source of raw material able to progressively replace fossil oil. Cars, airplanes, ships, industries and so on can use the refined oil and the Blue Petroleum BFS derivatives without making any change in their consumption.

CO2 transformed into artificial oil, into Blue Petroleum BFS, by processes that have combined many areas of research to find the fundamental key: making it possible and profitable, available to any state or country that has a free and universal energy source - the sun.



Bio Fuel Systems,an international company that has patented accelerated conversion systems of CO2 into energy, has launched the first reactors in which the accelerated process of forming oil is carried out. The beginning of this activity marks a milestone in the field of seeking fuels to replace fossil oil, since Blue Petroleum ONE, located in Alicante, is the first example of an industrial plant in the world to obtain bio-oil with the same characteristics as fossil oil.

Generally speaking, the development in research and engineering created by Bio Fuel Systems accelerates the natural process of oil generation from several millions years to a few days. Like fossil petroleum millions of years ago, BFS Blue Petroleum requires a substantial amount of CO2 to be formed, which in this case is captured directly from the chimneys of polluting industries so it will no longer go into the atmosphere. Thus, for each barrel of Blue Petroleum BFS, 2,168 kilos of anthropic CO2 are used that would otherwise add to the greenhouse effect on Earth, of which 938 kilos will never return to the atmosphere even though the fuel is refined as gasoline, then used by a motor.

 The Blue Petroleum ONE plant has been created as a model for large bio-oil fields that will be authentic industrial CO2 eliminators. For every hectare of bioreactors installed, we obtain a daily production of five barrels of 159 litres, about 42 U.S. gallons, which is the standard set by the Brent barrel. Together with the bio-oil, BFS has developed another line of high-value derivative products that ensure high profitability for future bio-oil fields.

Simulation of bio-oil field

Simulation of bio-oil field based on the current pilot plant

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