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The world"s first ecological oil is made using profitable industrial processes

By capturing carbon dioxide, a revolutionary system accelerates the process of creating and fossilizing biomass from a million years that it originally took to a few days

20/05/2011 13:05:38

BFS Blue PetroleumSPAIN.- Bio Fuel Systems, a European company, has launched in Alicante (Southern Spain) the first site for the production of bio-oil, an oil produced with natural processes that emulate those that naturally created fossil oil. However, instead of taking a million years to create the natural phenomenon that holds sway over the current world energy needs, the cycle has been reduced to a few days with two main peculiarities: that the energy used to carry out this natural miracle is simply the sun with no additives, and that the raw material is the pollutant carbon dioxide captured from the atmosphere, which is neutralised forever.

The new bio-oil has the same characteristics and traditional uses as fossil oil. Fuels such as gasoline for automobiles have already been distilled, just like kerosene for aircraft, plastics and derivatives, and each and every one of the products which were previously monopolized by obtaining oil offshore or on land. Scientific and technological progress is of extraordinary importance and global significance due to its ability to establish a new balance in which power no longer lies in possessing oil reserves, due to the mere fact that the primary energy source is, as of today, a standard available to any country.


BFS not only produces biomass continuously, as well as the bio-oil and its derivatives, but has also produced the first industrial process that makes it profitable, efficient and marketable in these times. This is true even if they are already working in their labs and test facilities on new models to further optimize the result per square meter being exploited. This has led to the opening up of new possible uses.


Even so, other small approximation studies on the technology already installed in Alicante (the real and tangible technology of today) show that a 0 pollution bio-oil plant, on a specific area of land in a place such as the Tabernas Desert (southern Spain) - the leading European test centre for clean energy obtained from sun - would be enough to obtain the same daily amount of bio-oil barrels as the daily country demand for fossil oil and to generate about 50,000 direct jobs for highly qualified personnel.

The progress achieved has not only given us an alternative raw material with similar results to known oil yields. In addition, it benefits the environment by using excess CO2 from the atmosphere as its main raw material. In other words, to produce oil it uses one of the main problems caused by mankind - the very same carbon dioxide that causes global warming.

BFS is an international company that has international capital that is 100% private. Its research has been carried out in recent years under absolute secrecy and all its processes and findings are registered and patented. Although there are other studies in the same field of bio-oil generation, only BFS has managed to take the first steps to a global energy revolution, with an appropriate industrial process that makes the dream of an alternative energy to oil possible without having to make any change in the planet’s habits of consumption.

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